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Case Study Netrix logistic

Customized same day delivery solutions for your business.

- Automate Decision Making.

- AI enabled Data Driven.

- Dispatch in seconds.

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Case Study Telora

Security in real-time for lone workers when needs assistance.

- Automated Check-Ups.

- Pre Shift Reminder.

- On-Site Confirmation.

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Case Study Kacyber

Bridging the digital divide to remove barriers in sub-Saharan Africa.

- Convenient, secure & fast booking.

- Notifications for drop/ upcoming trips.

- Discounts & cashback.

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Case study approxie

Drive new patients to your clinics with instant booking placement with Approxie.

- Paperless registration.

- AI-driven queuing.

- Patient acquisition.

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Case study Smart Parking

Parking technology to optimize space usage, efficiency, trafic flow and smoother operations.

- Optimized parking.

- Enhanced User Experience.

- Integrated Payments and POS.

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High Website Ranking & Building Brand’s Trust

- 2K Monthly SEO clicks

- 1.5k Backlinks generated

- 85% Increase in users

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Digital Marketing Success Story

How Dropbox Leveled up from 1M to 500M Users in...

- 4,50,000+ teams using Dropbox

-14.6 million paying customers

-More 20 languages supported

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AI Success Story

How AI Bolstered AMA to Leverage its Email...

- American Marketing Association:

- Gained 42% Monthly Subscriber...

- Became #1 Website for Newsletter...

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Ecommerce Success Story

How GrandVision Envisioned to Streamline its Business...

- Owns 7400+ successful stores worldwide

- Occupies global presence in 40+ nations

- Accommodates 39,000+ employees

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How 7 Minute Workout App acquired 216,718 downloads in 3 days?

- No.1 Fitness iPhone app in 49 countries

- 216,718 app downloads in 3 days

- Ranked in Top 25 list of Popular Apps across the US

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